About Us:

We love art and we travel a lot in pursuit of it! We can't get enough of big-city art (the NYC High Line is a frequent and favorite stop!) and we have also found plenty of art to love in small towns, community spaces and volunteer-run galleries. Experiencing a city through its art tells us so much about its people, values and history. We almost always leave a place having a great conversation or learning something new from a local creative. These are experiences that we want to share!


Founded in 2016 by Stephanie Khattak, K.Co Press researches, writes and promotes art-centered travel guides and other resources for the creative-minded traveler. We focus on places and experiences off the beaten path that are accessible and welcoming to those who want to connect, learn and be inspired.

Our values center on transparency, collaboration, curiosity and the idea that art is everywhere and for everyone. We design our guides, programs and recommendations to be accessible and equitable for the communities that we visit, the artists that we highlight and the audiences that we engage with.

Due to COVID-19, we will prioritize virtual or primarily outdoor experiences, self-guided and small-group options, and other safety-minded engagements until science says otherwise.

While we always love to make recommendations, we don't operate in a travel agent or art advisor capacity.

Creative Travel Adventures Off the Beaten Path


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Site by Stephanie Khattak. Photos by James Khattak. Copyright K.Co Arts 2016-2021.