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Work With Us

Creative Work:

James and Stephanie Khattak are available for a'la carte creative and editorial services, including photography, writing and storytelling consulting.


We'll spend time in your town, talk to local businesses, artists and other cultural game-changers, and present a special tour playbook that highlights what's unique and truly special about where you live.

Coming Soon - Commissioned Books:

We will offer CVB, destination marketers, hotels and other hospitality and tourism companies on creative custom fine art publications. This could be as simple as a high-quality paperback "'zine" design or as elegant as a hardcover book with specialty design touches. You provide the creative brief, goals and timeline, and we'll take it from there with our own commissioned photos, writing and design, execute in our signature style. We can also work with local archives to incorporate historical artifacts to tell the story of your town, a landmark, or a cultural institution in words and images.

Commissioned book packages start at $10,000 and take approximately five months to complete. Slots open in January 2023. Contact us to be among the first to know when this service launches in early 2023.

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