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K.Co Projects

We connect creative people to creative destinations

We leverage your priorities and our fresh, creative perspective to deliver the editorial vision and framework, photos and/or copy for custom travel and destination guides (print and digital) leveraging our research, resources and expertise, tailored to your audience. From concise neighborhood guides for online publication to comprehensive guides that cover a city, region or state, we deliver detailed information that engages.

Custom guides and brand-forward tour itineraries are a great way for hotels, travel companies and meeting, event and tourism planners to showcase special destinations through a curated lens. Working from brand voice and perspective, priorities or other thematic focus, we work with you to build a repeatable, actionable and efficient art, cultural or lifestyle tour that delights audiences and engages communities.

Whether refining, reworking or effectively communicating your existing travel guide publications, our Guidebook & Tour Consulting Packages help you identify new opportunities to reach your ideal visitor through editorial content, or by creating local tour itineraries and agendas that support engaging experiences through repeatable frameworks, K.Co’s consulting services start with a blank page and are customized just for you.

Bulk Orders of our books share unique local finds with hotel visitors, DMO communities, real estate clientele and others who may be new to the area, just passing through or simply eager to learn more about a place they already love. (Discounts available for orders of ten books or more.)

And if you see photos here that you love, it's likely that they can be licensed. If you love our photography but don't see anything specific, you can hire us to come help you build a photo library of your town. We also offer many of our photos as standard and large format prints on request.

If you're looking for a bulk order of our current books, custom tour itinerary planning, custom travel guide or photography project, or simply want to hire us to speak, write or share our expertise with your group or team, we have a curated selection of services just for you. Get in touch!

Read Case Studies and connect with us on Linkedin.

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