K.Co Policies and Information (2021)


How to Work with Us!

If you like what we do and would like to be part of it, there are a few easy ways to work with us, including tourism and hospitality program collaboration; strategic partnerships, and hiring us to produce content that highlights what is special about your town. Contact us for more information on these services.

General policies:


Sponsorship & Partnership Opportunities: The destinations that we visit and share appear on our platforms free of charge, based on our own personal recommendations. Paid placement may be available on select content platforms on a limited basis, clearly labeled as such. General sponsorships are available at a variety of levels.


Paid Work Disclaimer:

Sponsorships and other paid promotional opportunities on K.Co's hosted and branded platforms, publications and events stand alone and do not transfer to, influence or overlap with consulting engagements, recommendations or other instances where the best interest of the end user is paramount. Paid opportunities and potential sponsor benefits will be clearly communicated, confirmed and highlighted in proposals, working agreements and other documentation, and sponsored content on K.Co platforms will be clearly labeled as such.

We do not act in a travel agent or advisory role on our content, projects or engagements. If we help you discover a special piece or place, please contact the business directly.

Speaking Engagements:

Stephanie Khattak is available for speaking engagements, panel discussions and hosted custom art tours for brands, groups and collectors. We value engagements that include broad cultural representation and may offer lower rates or participate pro bono to serve underrepresented groups and organizations.

Business Hours & Availability:

K.Co Arts regular business hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday; 9:30 to noon on Friday, and Saturday by appointment. We are totally closed for business on Sundays. We are in summer hours from June 1 until September 7. Those hours are 10 am to 3 pm, Mondays - Thursdays; closed Fridays.

Holiday hours and other planned closures:

Thanksgiving: Nov. 27-30

Christmas: Dec. 23 - 28

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

July 4

Memorial Day

Labor Day

We are a team of two and travel a lot! This means that we are rarely at our computers all day. With that in mind, please give us 24-hours to respond to your emails and don't expect to hear from us on weekends. If we are currently working together and there's an emergency, you'll have our cell number.

About this Document

This policy document includes information for K.Co Arts and K.Co Press, and was prepared on December 1, 2020. It is valid through January 1, 2022. For more information, or to inquire about a collaboration opportunity you'd love but is not listed, please contact us: hello@kcoarts.com.

At K.Co Arts, we believe that art is everywhere, and that we are all better together. With that in mind, we strive to make every engagement fun, accessible and mutually beneficial for the guests, the artists, our clients and our creative partners. We do not and will never discriminate, we respect privacy and discretion, and we love to work with art adventurers at all levels, from new explorers to seasoned collectors.

We love our job, we have fun doing it, and we do our best every day. We hope to hear from you soon to connect more art lovers with local art.

Best wishes and Happy Adventures,

Stephanie Khattak, Founder K.Co Arts