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August in Art

We took a small break in August to rest, spoil our ailing senior cat and plan what's coming up next for K.Co (cool things!)! While the time went too quickly in some ways, it was nice to breathe for a bit. But we didn't go the whole month without any art! For us, that would be a punishment, not a break!


Here is a selection of art we enjoyed in August:

These oil paintings were part of Craighead Green Gallery's "NEW TEXAS TALENT XXVI" exhibition. Not only are they skillfully painted (I initially thought they were photographs!), I love how the artist captured the humanity behind the helmet and mask.

"Wanderlust" by Sam Wilson, Craighead-Green Gallery.

In the luchador painting particularly, the title "Showdown" and the subject matter communicates that the wrestler is about to take on a much larger or more formidable opponent. The artist perfectly depicts a mix of apprehension and bravery in the subject's expression.

"Showdown" by Sam Wilson, Craighead Green Gallery.


"Punk Buddha Letting Go feat. Lichtenstein (Medium)" by Metis Atash, Samuel Lynne Galleries.

Samuel Lynne Galleries is such a fun place to see art. The exhibited works tend to be colorful and dramatic, and the space is so big that it is easy to spend a lot of time there. With an auditorium room, library nook and other comfortable spaces, it really is a destination in itself.

Lea Fisher abstracts. Samuel Lynne Galleries, Dallas Design District.


Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden, in North Dallas is another new discovery that is quickly becoming a favorite. It's an intimate gallery space on a large, lush piece of land, nearly hidden by trees on Spring Valley Road, creating an oasis of art that has been operating since the 1950s. We haven't seen its sculpture garden, as it's been under repair from storms earlier this summer. But both gallery exhibitions we've seen this summer have been very interesting. Here are some of our favorite selections from "Bird Show," on view through Sept. 7.

"Jamie's Opus" by Cindi Holt. Valley House Gallery.


During our (relative) downtime this summer, we launched a newsletter and are designing a new service offering, currently in beta to launch this fall, which connects art lovers to personalized recommendations, itineraries and guided experiences in the art and travel spaces. We love art and all the people and places we have connected with throughout our own adventures. It's exciting to expand the platform and do more good for more art lovers!


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