Black Art to Explore & Support

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

This week, we will exclusively post the work of Black artists, Black-owned galleries and art spaces to honor the talent, craftsmanship and cultural contributions of Black creative communities.

Here is a small selection from a wide and diverse landscape of wonderful emerging, mid-career and established Black artists. Click the images to learn more about them, follow them on social media, subscribe to any communications, or best of all, make a purchase.

“Lesson learned? Essential lesson learned! You can erase what you draw, even what you’ve spent a long time drawing and sweating over it. You can throw away what you paint and, as I learned to do later, cut it up and incorporate it into a new painting. A lesson to take straight to heart, and not only in art making.” ― Nell Irvin Painter, Old in Art School: A Memoir of Starting Over

Opportunities to Support Black Artists:

Black Art Futures Fund

Association of African-American Museums

National Black Arts Festival

Black Art in America

It shouldn't be hard to find, champion and invest in Black art, and indeed there are many extremely successful Black artists. But in many ways, it is also true that we as a society have made it harder than it needs to be in terms of general visibility, support and encouragement, creating opportunities and driving investment in Black art and the careers and creative journeys of Black artists. We are trying to do our small part to help this week, and will pledge to continue to do so going forward.

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