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June in Art: Photo Recap

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

From New York to Dallas to Arlington, TX, here are some art highlights we loved in June! We saw so much art last month! It was hard to get through it all for this post, and I still haven't written about each experience. I will get it done eventually! In the meantime, check out these gorgeous and interesting pieces.

Yellow, gray, black and white screen print portrait of an African-American woman by Lorna Simpson.
"Special Character #1" by Lorna Simpson.

"Special Character #1" by Lorna Simpson at Hauser & Wirth, Chelsea. This piece is from the "Darkening" exhibition, up through July 26.

Pot painted with Snoopy and Peanuts characters by Jonas Wood.
"Snoopy Pot" by Jonas Wood.

Jonas Wood at Gagosian West 24th St., NYC. We saw his retrospective at the DMA earlier in the spring and it was love at first sight. His "pots" series was very cool and it was hard to pick a favorite. I loved how he juxtaposes a classic decorative piece with bright and whimsical subject matter.

bear figures made of brightly colored feathers by Paola Pivi.
"We Are the Baby Gang" by Paoa Pivi at Perrotin Gallery, NYC.

"We are the Baby Gang," by Paola Pivi at Perrotin NYC. This was such a fun show. Each little feather bear had its own expressions and personality, and I wanted them all.

"As one of nature’s most ferocious creatures, Pivi presents the bears in a childlike, playful manner, while also exhibiting human traits like hugging, practicing yoga or looking at one’s reflection." -

"Camp: Notes on Fashion" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC.

"Camp: Notes on Fashion" at The Met. This was one of two comprehensive fashion exhibitions that we were lucky to see in June.

"Dior: From Paris to the World" at the Dallas Museum of Art. Photo by James Khattak.

"Dior: From Paris to the World" was June's second fashion exhibition.

In both experiences, the clothes were gorgeous and the exhibition design was flawless. The Dior, in particular, was very cool and well-presented. I loved how the DMA paired art from its permanent collection with the show pieces.

"Dior: From Paris to the World" at the Dallas Museum of Art. Photo by James Khattak.