New Service Announcement!

Updated: Aug 3

"Slumgullion (The Venerate Outpost)" by Karl Unnasch. Philbrook, Tulsa OK.

We are so excited to announce that due to customer feedback, new trends and opportunities in arts and tourism, and our personal commitment to exploring and amplifying arts communities of all sizes, we have added a new service line.

New services for small-to-mid-sized towns and rural areas launch August 3! We will offer special content, resources and consulting engagements designed specifically for small towns (roughly 100K or fewer.)

More specifically, we will work with local stakeholders to meet community development needs through art-centered ideas, recommendations and implementation support around:

  • Building Creative Economies and Shop Small/Shop Local Programs

  • Energizing/Revitalizing Underutilized Downtowns

  • Attracting Local and Closer-to-Home Tourism

  • Traditional, Digital and Integrated Arts Programming

As people are prioritizing safety and exploring their own towns or destinations accessible by car, smaller, mid-sized and rural towns off-the-beaten-path have wonderful opportunities to attract visitors, serve locals, and boost their creative economies. At K.Co, we understand the important contributions that your arts community offers, and we want to help empower you toward long-term partnerships, unique projects, and programs that are beneficial, feasible and fun.

K.Co is excited to work directly with CVB, economic development groups and destinations, and to partner with more broadly-focused consultancies to deliver arts-centered recommendations, tools and results.

We will be rolling out targeted, specialized content in the coming months, including resources especially geared toward incorporating arts communities into fall and holiday planning. Check back often, or subscribe to our newsletter to be among the first to know!

Accepting projects in Dallas and elsewhere.

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