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New Texas Book Release!

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

texas travel photography book and shelf
Ten Texas Towns And Places In-Between, Field Notes From The Back Roads, K.Co Press

We are thrilled to announce our first book, "Ten Texas Towns And Places In-Between, Field Notes From The Back Roads"! This Texas photography book and travel guide is 88 pages of professional photos, local recommendations and observations from the road.

Featured towns include: Corsicana, Lampasas, Center, Hillsboro, the City of West, Athens, Mineola, Grand Saline, Nocona and Gainesville.

Places In-Between sections highlight regions near: Lindsay, Lindale, Alto, Bolivar Peninsula and Fredericksburg.

Here are some examples of what you'll find inside:

A pink elephant and red brick facade in Grand Saline Texas
Grand Saline Main Street, Grand Saline

Athens Texas Fiddler statue and carnival refreshment stand
Athens, Texas

light on buildings and historic architecture in Gainesville, Texas
Downtown Gainesville, Texas

Texas coast, seagulls and beach houses on the Bolivar Peninsula
Bolivar Peninsula, Texas

Email us or visit our online store if you'd like to own a copy! The books make a great addition to your coffee table, bookshelf or travel bag, and are perfect for *realtor gifts, corporate gifts, and placement in hotel rooms, lobbies or in AirBnB rentals.

*While we are unable to offer a conventional wholesale program, we do offer competitive bulk rates, event-driven sales collaborations and other special offers for businesses.

What's next for us?

We're so glad you asked! We are already working on book two, which will publish in late October and focus on Texas' nearby neighbors in America. Between now and then we might drop a limited edition...hint hint...maybe in, let's say, August or so. So be sure to follow us on social media or join our email list if you like what we do and want to stay in touch!

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