NorthPark Center Art

Updated: Jan 5

If you're looking for a unique place to see art in Dallas, Texas NorthPark Center is a Dallas shopping destination that is equally impressive as an art museum and flexible contemporary art space. It has a large permanent art collection that can be enjoyed on repeat visits, and an outdoor courtyard CenterPark Garden for fresh-air art appreciation. We especially love NorthPark's The Pop-Up Project initiative showcasing the work of Texas artists in contemporary art installations that rotate more frequently. There is almost always something new to see! All of the art at NorthPark is free to experience and open to the public, and it periodically hosts virtual and in-person art tours and other programming, which is publicized on NorthPark's social channels.

"what's she building in there," Keer Tanchak. NorthPark Center, Dallas, TX.
"Shopping Center Still Life," Stephen D'Onofrio. NorthPark Center, Dallas, Texas.
"23 Athens, Acropolis. The Erechtheion. View from the south," Rachel Livedalen. NorthPark Center, Dallas, Texas.
"Five Hammering Men," Jonathan Brodsky. NorthPark Center, Dallas, Texas.
"Ups and Downs," KAWS. NorthPark Center, Dallas, Texas.
"Flower-power2," John Pomara. NorthPark Center, Dallas, Texas.

All photos by James Khattak. Please contact for commercial or editorial use.

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