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Weekly Online Art Adventure: Vol. 1

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Digital finds and virtual art activities to keep you informed and entertained.

Blue elephants painted on a brick wall.
"Deep Ellumphants." Deep Ellum Dallas mural by Adrian Torres. Photo by James Khattak, K.Co Photo.

While we are staying inside and away from others, and faithfully following all local social distancing policies,we've added a new activity to our limited entertainment list: Public Art and mural drives. This week, we went to Deep Ellum. While we miss the energy and economic health that its usual crowds represent, it was nice to get a more clear look at some of the cool art on display. Honestly, we weren't sure if it would feel right being out for "fun", and we don't leave the house more than once a week, and then only for necessities. But if you're out anyway, and happen to be near public art, I don't think there's harm in taking a detour. While not a "necessity" in the same way as say, medicine, food or pet care supplies, art is still a necessary and positive force in our lives.

We've published two Virtual Art Guides: San Antonio and Atlanta, with more planned for the future! These interactive and detailed resources provide a diverse overview of a city's art scene, with deeper dives to guide online discovery of new favorite artists.

Have you seen our new Special Offers? We suspect everyone can use a little more art adventuring, so we've designed an affordable consulting service for teachers, home schooling (or just home entertaining!) parents and artists.

Online Art Adventures:

Houston residents can have their own Public Art driving tour with a new app from the City of Houston. And, it's informative enough to provide a virtual tour for non-residents or people who want to stay inside!

Check out this online game and interactive art, "Oceanarium," by Paloma Dawkins at London's Victoria and Albert Museum. It's a creative exploration of the quote,"We know more about deep space than we do about the ocean," and was commissioned by the V&A, as part of the exhibition Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt.

A virtual exhibition of "Lost Time," by Tel Aviv artist Zoya Cherkassky at New York's Fort Gansevoort gallery, uses images of Jewish cultural traditions to explore collective memories of the past and the anxieties of an undefined future. This New York Times article gives more insights into the artistic and curatorial process.

Gallery Digital Spotlight:

LA's Night Gallery is a new discovery and an instant favorite. Here are some amazing pieces from its represented artists. Click the images for more info, and please contact the gallery directly if you're interested in making a purchase.


These weekly Highlights and Virtual Art Adventures are produced by K.Co to help people discover art museums, galleries, creative spaces and art engagement opportunities, whether they're traveling on vacation, at home on stay-cation, or especially these days, exploring art from home. 

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