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NW Arkansas Art Guide

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

In July, we had the opportunity to spend a weekend in Northwest Arkansas, visiting friends and exploring art in Bentonville. It was our third trip to this part of Arkansas, and we were excited to revisit old favorites and discover new ones!

Bentonville Art

We stayed in Bentonville at the 21c Museum Hotel downtown. Bentonville is small, but the presence of a few corporate headquarters (including Wal-Mart) means that it works to compete on a much bigger scale in terms of sophistication and options for professionals and/or people who might be traveling through to do business and want to take in a Bentonville art museum. This is good for everyone! Especially since most of what is available is free to the public.

This unique Arkansas hotel is called a "museum hotel" because it is art-focused, with a large gallery space on the ground floor and exhibitions throughout the building. I was excited by the quality of work and diversity of artists represented.

"The Double Dare" by Deborah Roberts.

"March on Washington" by Andrea Bowers.

"March on Washington" by Andrea Bowers, Detail Shot.

"The Fly Woman Series" "Untitled," by Amparo Sard.

"The Fly Woman" series was rendered in pierced paper. Amazing! I'm glad these pieces were framed - I would have had to keep my hands in my pockets to prevent touching the images!


Bentonville Crystal Bridges

Bentonville is also home to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. We visit this museum every time we are in the area, and still haven't seen all of its permanent collection. It's huge, and the grounds host a sculpture garden representing impressive artists. The museum's trails connect it to downtown Bentonville, but it was too hot for us to make the trek, but there was plenty to see close to the museum. While we were there, we saw three deer! I wonder what they think of their impressive surroundings?

"Flowers that Bloom Now," by Yayoi Kusama.

From "Color Field," a sculpture by Jeffie Brewer.

From "Barbie and Baseball" by David Levinthal.

"We The People" installation by Nari Ward.

This installation script was made with beautiful, colorful shoeslaces!