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Best Hotels for Art-Centered Travel

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

When we embark on Art Adventures, we like to immerse ourselves in the art 24/7! While that's not always possible, we have identified a few hotels that we love, and that are perfect for art-centered travelers!


21c Museum Hotels

An art car is displayed at the 21c Museum Hotel in Bentonville, Arkansas.

We can recommend firsthand the 21c properties in Bentonville, Ark. and Nashville, Tenn. These hotels are the perfect blend of art and hospitality, hosting full galleries onsite, with world-class art as well as art-focused decor and restaurant spaces.

The Bentonville location is within a short, nature-filled walk or a shorter drive to the amazing Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. In Nashville, you're a a few blocks away from The Frist Art Museum.

Kimpton Hotel Eventi, New York City

View of the High Line and Simone Leigh's "Brick House."

These hotels have themes that vary by location, but they feature art in each property. For example, the Kimpton Hotel Eventi in NYC has an amazing Lorna Simpson collage (it was near the elevators when we visited!) and viewing its collection could be a great extension of a day visiting galleries in nearby Chelsea or along The High Line, which is filled with public art like "Brick House," by sculptor Simone Leigh.

The Adolphus and The Joule: Dallas, TX

The French Room Salon at the Adolphus hosted artist Tom Sachs.

Downtown Dallas's The Adolphus and The Joule are neighbors, and are both an art lover's dream. Within a few blocks of the Dallas Arts District, they're surrounded by public art, are excellent choices for visitors seeking the Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center, and are a short drive from the more than 30 Dallas Design District galleries. The Adolphus hosts The French Room Salon, an art-filled space that is often host to discussions with local and visiting artists. The Joule is home to the Taschen Library, perfect for some quality art book perusal.


Whether you're checking in for a stay, or just checking out the exhibitions, the best art-centered hotels are high-quality, unique and fun destinations, and natural extensions of the local art community in their cities and neighborhoods. Hotel art collections are typically open to the public. So pop in, perhaps enjoy a drink or bite in the restaurant, and appreciate world-class art in an unexpected space.

Photos by James Khattak, K.Co Photo.


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