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Virtual Art Tour: San Antonio

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Visit a new art community without leaving home! Thanks to online museum art collections and gallery art databases, as well as social media, public art maps and other resources, its' easier than ever to have a #virtualartadventure in a new city.

Along with its historic significance and cultural strength, San Antonio, Texas has thriving museum, contemporary art gallery and creative communities.

Virtual Art Adventure Guide: San Antonio


McNay Art Museum: The McNay is the first modern art museum in Texas. Founded by Marion Koogler McNay in 1954, the museum is home to more than 22,000 works of art, many of which you can explore in its online collections. Click here to explore its database, which can be filtered by search, color or object type.

San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA): SAMA's buildings were once the Lone Star Brewery. It is home to the most comprehensive ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian art collection in the southern United States.

Ruby City: Ruby City is the newest major museum in San Antonio, showing work by local, national and and international artists. Ruby City is the vision and mandate of the late Linda Pace, the museum's founder and dedicated art collector. The museum says she sketched the initial inspiration for the distictive ruby structure after waking from a dream. It produces a newsletter full of social distance-friendly activities, and shares its collection online. We especially love these pieces, by Lynda Benglis, Trenton Doyle Hancock and Do Ho Suh.

Art Galleries and Artist Highlights :

Unlike museums, gallery exhibitions change fairly often and the art is for sale. If you see a piece you want to purchase from the gallery or its associated artists, contact the gallery for current eCommerce purchase and shipping policies.

Art Spaces and Highlights:

These gallery/studio/residency hybrids support artists with resources, visibility and opportunities to connect with future collectors. Many of them have work for purchase. Please contact the artist or art space directly for their latest eCommerce purchase and shipping policies.

Public Art:

A comprehensive San Antonio Public Art database can be found here.

Creative Shopping:

These independent San Antonio shopping options include art, decor, prints and other creative gifts. Contact them directly for current eCommerce and shipping policies.

Questions and Discussion Points:

What did you enjoy learning about art and creative spaces in San Antonio? What surprised you?

Marion Koogler McNay established Texas' first modern art museum. What do you think she would appreciate about the modern art community in San Antonio today?

Two of San Antonio's major art museums were founded by women: Linda Pace at Ruby City, and Marion Koogler McNay at McNay Art Museum. How do you think their individual eras, perspectives and stories may have inspired them? What challenges and opportunities might each woman experience?

Of the art you've virtually explored, in any museum, gallery or creative space, and if money were no object, which three pieces would you want to purchase for your home and why?


About K.Co and #VirtualArtAdventures: We post regular Virtual Travel Guides, art content, and share more on our Instagram account. So check in often! We also publish Art Start, frequent dispatches of short, creative digital sparks to begin your day!


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