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K.Co Press launches with its Debut Release

Ten Texas Towns and Places In-Between: Field Notes from the Back Roads highlights local treasures through fine art photography and observations

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Niche travel and experience company K.Co Arts, LLC launches its publishing initiative, K.Co Press, with the publication of "Ten Texas Towns and Places In-Between: Field Notes from the Back Roads," a hardcover, coffee table book that chronicles some of the best off-the-path travel destinations in Texas. Photos by James Khattak and observations by writer Stephanie Khattak immerse readers in the quiet beauty of small-town Texas, while providing inspiration for travel and local exploration.


“In 2021, we visited 46 destinations, and only three of those were considered major cities,” said Stephanie Khattak. “From longer road trips to quick getaways to off-the-Interstate detours, we have found a lot to love about small towns. Through this book, we hope to share these destinations with others and also positively impact these communities.”


While this debut is K.Co’s first traditional publication, it has published comprehensive online guides, interactive maps and other travel and destination content since 2019.


“We operated continuously for several years with primarily in-person services centered on the visual arts. Like so many other small businesses, we made a ‘pandemic pivot’ to providing online resources in 2020. At the same time, we began to evolve our focus to feature a broader view of local culture in more places,” said Stephanie Khattak. “With the success of our digital guides and positive feedback from our peers and professional communities, we feel that now is the right time to officially launch a press to publish what we plan to be the first of two first books this year, and more going forward.”​

"Ten Texas Towns" features:


Athens, Texas



Hillsboro, Texas


Grand Saline





Places In-Between segments highlight areas in and around:




The Bolivar Peninsula 



“Ten Texas Towns And Places In-Between, Field Notes From The Back Roads” is available for purchase for $65, plus tax and shipping, on  Click here to learn more and look inside.

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