Each K.Co engagement is custom, and built in response to the client's specific needs. Here are some current examples of big questions and important challenges that we work to meet.

Our Work

How can we reimagine travel to DRIVE GROWTH and engage OUR COMMUNITy?

Travel looks different now, but your destination still has a lot to offer. Our multi-faceted art engagement programs can benefit your neighbors as much as your traveling guests, resulting in memorable, impactful experiences that are fun, accessible, and less dependent on economic shifts or changing trends.

How can WE impact the arts community through civic/corporate culture?


Many sectors are facing challenges, and the arts are typically underfunded despite the unarguable value they bring. We design CSR programs and facilitate strategic partnerships that help companies make impactful philanthropic donations and real, collaborative contributions to visual art organizations and creative spaces, while building their internal culture of creative philanthropy.

How can we compete creatively wHEN RESOURCES ARE LIMITED?


Your local art community can be one of your greatest assets. Investing in it and partnering with its leaders, contributors and change makers sets you apart, creating new perspectives and exciting possibilities that positively impact everyone. We can work with you on projects that assess the resources available to you, provide a fresh perspective to use existing resources in new ways, and offer suggestions for new opportunities.

How can we innovate in uncertain times?


We believe the best art-centered innovation strategies are scalable, adaptable and customer-focused for optimal client control and customer satisfaction. The "wow factor" is important, but it is more important to provide elevated, curated experiences with strong takeaways that align with your organizational values and keep you top of mind for return visits.

looking for a smaller commitment?


Here are five simple ways that we can help you make an impact.

1.Invite us to speak at your event, meeting or working session

2.Invite us to contribute an article or other content to your professional publications

3.Hire us to facilitate a panel discussion

4.Hire us to assess a single programmatic topic and share broad-based recommendations based on our findings

5.Reserve "office hours," a two-hour slot to ask questions, talk through challenges, or get some quick advice.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch to request a case study, or to learn more about how our art-centered engagement services can help you.



Complimentary Virtual Office Half-Hours launch September 10!

*In light of the current public health crisis, we prioritize and use current, science-lead health and safety best practices when working with or on behalf of our community, client and creative partners. We design our services and recommendations to be scalable, accessible and to accommodate small and larger groups of customers, clients and other stakeholders. Our solutions can be traditional, online, experiential or an integrated mix, to ensure maximum success as the landscape evolves.

We are available virtually, and our in-person bookings are currently paused until January 2021.

Accepting projects in Dallas and elsewhere.


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