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2019 Dallas Art Fair Part 1

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Large colorful painting of Texas iconography
"Texas State Fair" by Rosson Crow at the 2019 Dallas Art Fair. Exhibited by The Hole, NYC.

Yesterday was our first look at the 2019 Dallas Art Fair. I went by myself to get an overview of what was there, and today I'm going back with James (aka, our official photographer).

Last year was my first experience with the Dallas Art Fair and it was incredible. It is so amazing to see so many exhibitors from all over the world, and see so many different types of people enjoying the art and having a chance to talk with and ask questions of so many interesting galleries. Few people can travel to see art, and definitely not on this scale, so it's always a treat when more of it comes to us! It's also important in that it exposes people to different types of art. When showrooms are side-by-side under one roof, it's easy to wander in and take a closer look.

I already have many thoughts about this year's fair, and will take a few days to organize and articulate them. But here are some early standouts from Friday. If you want to see more and follow along in real time, connect with us on Instagram. We post photos and have saved a Dallas Art Fair story highlight as well.

Collage pieces by Dorothy Hood at the Dallas Art Fair. Exhibited by the McClain Gallery, Houston.

I suspect I'm about to go down a Dorothy Hood rabbit hole. I love these pieces and want to learn more about the artist. Everything about them works so well together. They fit together perfectly in a gallery grouping, seen here, and each piece is also strong enough to stand alone.

Jonas Burgert's "Handler" at the Dallas Art Fair. Exhibited by Blain | Southern, New York, Berlin, London.

Detail Shot: Jonas Burgert's "Handler."

The colors are what first drew me in to this piece by German artist Jonas Burgert. The style is fairly classical, but the tints they used are unusual, almost otherworldly, just like the figures. Put together, it is familiar but unsettling; beautiful, but not quite "right." Love it.

Eric Zener's "Where I End and You Begin" at the Dallas Art Fair. Exhibited by Gallery Henoch, New York.

This piece is very relaxing to look at. I could have stared at it for hours. It's so smooth and cool - a photo-realistic style that feels very "California," which makes sense because Zener is a West Coast artist. At first I was irritated with myself for the glare at the top of this image. I always wish to display art photos as close to what the artist intended as possible. At the same time, it introduces a new element to the work, and I wonder if once installed in a home or different gallery, the painting would similarly take on more depth and context in different types of light.

Stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon!

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