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an open book in front of a book shelf
Announcing new art book consulting services!

Beginning in March 2024, Dallas Art Book publisher K.Co Press will offer publishing consulting packages for artists, galleries, retailers and other art spaces.

“In addition to being a tangible record of an artist’s work and story, a professional, beautifully produced book can help reach new audiences and share artwork in a meaningful way,” said Stephanie Khattak, founder and publisher at K.Co Press. 

Founded in 2016 and independently publishing seven books, with more planned for 2024, K.Co is uniquely suited to help artists, photographers and other creatives navigate the often confusing path to publication. 

“As artists ourselves, and as members of the arts community, we understand directly the unique challenges and opportunities that creatives encounter when looking to amplify their work,” said Khattak. “We believe there are many paths to success, and self-publishing an art book or photography book can be effective and very rewarding.” 

Packages range from a Mini Session designed for artists who want a general overview or have specific questions, to an inclusive package for galleries, art spaces and retailers who want to highlight their artists, build their brand, or create a unique product to offer their customers. 

Depending on their preferred package, clients may receive best practices and recommendations; marketing, promotions and distribution strategy advice, and vendor referrals.

“Publishing your own art or photography book can be intimidating,” Khattak said. “We share our expertise and insights to cut through the noise, offer collaborative support, and make the process a little easier, so that you can publish a book that you’re proud of.” 

The K.Co Press art book consulting program opens March 1. Limited engagement slots are available. Contact us to be among the first to know when the reservation form goes live.

Texas capitol out of focus with in-focus metal star and fencepost in the foreground

We'll be at the fabulous 2023 Texas Book Festival on Nov. 12, signing "Frontiers" and other books at the Writers' League of Texas booth from 3 to 3:45 p.m. Come say hi and grab a free bookmark! We're super-super-super fans of the Texas Book Festival, so it's exciting and an honor to be chosen by the Writers' League (which we're also super-super-super fans of!) to participate in their program and be a small part of this big, bookish, Texas event.

“Shorelines” is a visual journey through the Texas Gulf Coast and Coastal Bend regions. (Oct. 2023)

a yellow souvenir shop with a decoy lighthouse in Port Aransas Texas
A kitcshy souvenir shop in Port Aransas.

It will include scenes from SpaceX Starbase in Boca Chica, Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Historic Port Isabel, Indianola, Galveston, Bolivar Peninsula and many more Texas beaches and coastal destinations, highlighting the diversity of landscape, industry and local culture in what is often simply "The Beach."

white statue of French explorer LaSalle in Indianola, a ghost town on the Texas gulf coast. Statue sits next to a palm tree.
LaSalle Statue in Indianola, a Texas ghost town in the Coastal Bend region.

"Shorelines" will be a hardcover travel coffee table book, 100+ pages, and retail for $65. Bulk ordering will be available, with discounts for orders of more than ten copies. Contact us for more information, or join our newsletter list for cover reveals, notes from the road and other info.

Field of white cotton and horizon in the Texas Coastal Bend region.
Cotton field in the Texas Coastal Bend region.

"Shorelines" is the second of three planned 2023 travel coffee table book releases from K.Co Press.

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