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Mini-Session for Artists

May Include:

Q&A Session and general best practices overview via. email, phone or video chat. Resource sharing.


Strategy Consultation for Artists & Organizations

May Include:


Personalized recommendations on editorial vision and process.

General overview of Marketing, PR and Distribution best practices.


Art & Photo Book Publishing Deep Dive

For Artists & Organizations

May Include:

Resource sharing

Personalized recommendations for editorial and marketing strategies.

General overview of common distribution models.


Art Book Publishing for Organizations

Specifically designed for galleries, art spaces, organizations and retailers.

May Include:

Resource sharing

Personalized recommendations for editorial, marketing, merchandising and distribution strategies.

Consultations do not include legal or financial advice, hands-on project work, design or copy deliverables, or software tutorials.
K.Co acts as a consultant, and does not provide custom book, hybrid or self publishing services. Consulting engagements stand alone, and are not a publishing agreement or indicative of an intent to publish.

Consulting Inquiries

Our inquiry form is open now and engagements will be scheduled beginning March 1.


Click here to fill out the form and submit your information.

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