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Scene from the Road: East Texas Graffiti Hearses

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Amarillo's Cadillac Ranch is pretty famous, but it's also pretty far away for east Texas Road Trippers. (And many north, central and south Texas road trippers!)

Lucky for us, there's a graffiti car roadside attraction in east Texas - on Highway 69 between Lindale and Mineola, sharing a lawn with Renfro's Fireworks stand. Smaller than its panhandle counterpart, the partially submerged hearses are still a funky find with plenty of spray painted fun. And the Texas Forest Trail location makes it a unique experience for a small town road trip. (Just watch out for those east Texas ant beds!)


two graffiti painted hearses
Graffiti hearse roadside attraction, between Lindale and Mineola, Texas.

details of graffiti art on a car
Up-close graffiti art on east Texas roadside attraction.

close up on spray paint on a hearse
This east Texas art car has funky layers of spray paint.

Check out our East Texas road trip map for the graffiti hearses' location, along with other cool nearby Texas travel guide stops.

Photos by James Khattak.

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