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How to #ArtAdventure

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

colored stained glass in a circle shape.
"Austin" by Ellsworth Kelly. Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, TX.

Wondering how to have an art adventure? We'll share our secret.

First, love art.

Then, love art

Finally, love art.

Shortest blog post ever, right? But it really is that simple.

We will, of course elaborate.

An art adventure happens at home or away, and can encompass painting, sculpture, installations, public art, art cars...anything that has been creatively built, assembled or decorated. What is "art" to me may be different than what "art" is to you, and that's okay! There is plenty to see in many types of art adventures.

Honestly, we struggled a bit when we first started using the words art adventures to describe what we do for work and fun. We were worried that it would imply that people needed to travel far or pursue excitement (extreme gallery hopping anyone?) to connect with the concept and by extension, to art. But when we expanded the meaning to include ideas like discovery, intellectual and creative curiosity and connection, it ended up being a perfect fit.

Art Adventures is also a nod to the idea that for many, the "art world" is a little intimidating. (Just as something like the "sports world" would be for me, to be fair! It is subjective!) But calling it an adventure makes it feel less scary, and a little daring and more fun to explore unfamiliar spaces or communities.

Here are five ways to have a local Art Adventure without leaving your city:

1. Take a DIY public art tour. Pick three or four public art pieces and experience them however you want. Take photos, sit nearby and sketch them, or interact with them. Just don't climb on them unless given explicit permission! If you're not sure what public art your city offers, your Convention and Visitor's Bureau (CVB) is a good place to start.

2.Challenge yourself in a museum. Pick a theme, for example, artists from a specific time, movement or culture, or even a more general theme like buildings or animals, and see how many pieces you can "collect," or identify in an hour or so of browsing. Especially for larger museums, this breaks museum art collections down into manageable chunks and gives purpose to your browsing. If you want that! Browsing is also good! And, your friendly museum docent can help you find what you are looking for, and can likely provide interesting background and context to what you see.

3.Have a lunch break art adventure. Explore the area around your home or office and pick a commercial gallery or art space to visit for an hour. These spaces are typically smaller than museums, and offer quick and efficient creative inspiration without significant time investment.

4. Enjoy the art of happy hour. Many modern hotels offer private collections that are available for public viewing. And, even if you're not checking in for the night, spending time at the hotel bar, coffee shop or restaurant surrounded by interesting hotel art is a fun mini stay-cation.

5. Make art a daily habit.The next time you're at your favorite indie coffee shop, factor in some extra time to take in the art on its walls. Many coffee shops display local art, and it's often affordable! If you want to spruce up your home, visit stores that feature independent artwork for wall art, textiles or other decor. If your job includes venue or speaker selection, don't forget the art community! Some museums and galleries are available for special events, and many artists are powerful motivational and inspiring speakers.

The fundamental, and really only things you need for a creative adventure and some local cultural tourism are a love of art and an interest in experiencing more of it. The concept is simple and clear, and the opportunities to engage and grow are as specific or diverse as the art world itself.

Happy Art Adventuring!


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