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News Release

K.Co Arts Announces its
Core 2023 Travel Services

For more information:


K.Co Arts, LLC announces a curated selection of services focused on connecting visitors with local arts communities. Some services have been refined or revived in response to market demand and feedback, and some offerings are brand new! Aligned with the needs of the tourism, hospitality and travel media industries, these services are designed to drive creative brand innovation, enhance guest experiences, build customer loyalty and inspire authentic connections.


“Traveling like a ‘local’ is a top trend for 2023, which also happens to be our favorite way to experience a place,” said Stephanie Khattak, K.Co's founder. “We match detailed research on local destinations with customer specifics, digging deeper into what makes a destination special not only in and of itself, but also for each unique reader, visitor or experience seeker.” 


2023 Services Include: 

Custom Destination Guides (Digital and Traditional)

Photography Licensing and Commissions

Custom Tour and Itinerary Planning


Additionally, most books published by K.Co Press are now available in bulk quantities, and some have the capacity for light customization.


“Because our travel books are dedicated to regions that many know, love and would like to learn more about, they make great promotional products, corporate gifts from travel and destination-centered businesses, or interesting additions to hotel or vacation rental properties,” Khattak said. “K.Co Press books are special, useful and will appeal to customers or clients looking for something truly unique.”


K.Co Arts  has demonstrated expertise delivering travel and destination content and experiences centered on the visual, literary and performing arts. Contact us for detailed case studies, more information, or to start a conversation.


*Limited-edition releases are not eligible for bulk offers.

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